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Tax Evasion!
December 14, 2009, 1:02 pm
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 Before we deal with the laugh a minute subject of tax, I mean to share something funny with you; Oh yeah, I wrote another odd Radio 4 joke the other day.

Did you know that the sun is infact a galactic gifthorse’s mouth, which is why you should never look directly at it?

That’s probably not the smartest thing to title a blog after filing your tax return for the year is it? I have not been doing any nefarious dealings at all I should just like to point out. However, what was a staggering tax bill has just been halved because I have been paying tax through one of my employers but couldn’t find where to input that data in the self-assesment online form. “Tax doesn’t need to be taxing” they say and they are completely right so why the bloody  hell is it?! In fairness to HMRC their phone service is excellent, prompt and polite, even the automated “This call is being recorded” message is a cut above “Oh, by the way” it intones as if it had forgotten “this call may well be recorded so we can play it back during training.” What a pleasant little answering service you are I thought to myself before being connected to the jocular Scottish Jock on the other end of the line. I shit you not, he was Scots, funny and called Jock! Tax returns don’t get much more amusing.

I still of course have to pay the damn thing but now it is far far more manageable.


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