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The Mint is stealing your money!
December 11, 2009, 12:14 pm
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“Alright ma cocker?!” In what seems like an never ending familial festive tour I’m down in Devon visiting the wife’s family. The wife isn’t in fact my partner in holy matrimony, calm down mum, but my lovely girlfriend. It’s very nice down here, we’re jyst sat around with a cuppa and then this afternoon we’ll wave goodbye to the eldest (and only) sister who is flying off even further South for Christmas. No, not Cornwall but Tasmania, with all it’s spiders and devils! I used to love Taz the cartoon Tasmanian devil, not physically you understand. I was gutted to find out they don’t spin like tornadoes devouring everything in their path, they best they can summon up in real life is a pathetic little hiss/roar thing that sounds a bit like a chesty cough. Gutted. In other cartoon animal irregularity news; how come Mickey’s dog Pluto couldn’t speak and yet his dog neighbour Goofy could?! How is Goofy supposed to feel at the sight of one of his species subjugated to pethood at the hands of a freakishly tall and chipper mouse?

I saw an advert on TV the other day, it was an advert for the Royal Mint. My first thought is “Why do they need to advertise? Haven’t they cornered the market as far as their field’s concerned?” Then I watched a bit more and they were advertising a new penny. It’s to commemorate…something or other but what got me was that they were selling this one pence piece for £5! The BARGAIN price of £5. How is a 5000% markup a bargain? I’ve got some old tuppence’s can I flog them for a tenner? I went on the site and they’re flogging £2 coins for £7.99 simply because they are ‘uncirculated’. Now I like getting a nice shiny new coin in my change as much as the next man but I’m not going to pay four times it’s worth for it. Plus postage and packing! Total scam.


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