An Actor's Life

Smith and Weston

Arthur Smith, nationally acclaimed stand-up that he is, is potentially coming to Bath for the Bath Comedy Festival. All very exciting, but what’s it doing on this here blog you say. I say unto thee don’t be so impatient. You reply, actually Fearg I didn’t say anything, to which I apologise, I was talking to them. Anyhoo, so this gig that may be happening over two nights of the festival just might also feature yours truly and my New Old Friends as Arthur’s comic sidekicks for two nights of amusing mayhem at the Widcome Social Club. As I say it’s all in the negotiation stages right now, but if it goes ahead it’s a pretty nice pat on the back.

Awful lot of links in that paragraph. Love the word paragraph, conjures images of pie charts jumping out of airplanes.

As for myself, nothing much doing really. Worryingly skint with Christmas as close as it is. I rather assumed that business would pick up with all the festive entertainments needing bodies but sadly not. Still we just roll onto January, who politely asks us to roll of her and just bloody stand up. Stand up? Now there’s an idea….


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