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Perfect Audition
December 9, 2009, 5:34 pm
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I have never been more confident of the outcome leaving an audition room than I am after my audition a little over three hours ago. I am definitely NOT getting that part. I originally applied for what appeared to be a play with a little bit of singing, then I received a follow up Email that made it clear this was more musical than play. I actually rang the producer in order to talk them out of seeing me because I didn’t think I was enough of a singer. He assured me they’d watched my showreel, found it funny and that the role I was applying for had little singing responsibility and that comedy was the order of the day. All good then. I fork out the £40 train fare and rearrange my work for today and off I trot to London, city of dreams.

At the audition I’m first one in (always a curse) and the Musical Director finds it hilariously quaint that I’m going to play my own piano for the audition. Before launching into the song I warn them again that I’m an actor more used to comedy than song, occasionally a comedy song, but that this was out of my comfort zone. They barely nod. I tinkle the old ivories (badly) and sing my heart out. The song goes about as well as I can perform it (piano aside) and they ask for another. Not a bad sign, although the Director does phrase it “Have you got anything else?” I sing an unaccompanied section of a piece for four voices, again it goes well.


“Do you have any questions you’d like to ask me? Scenes for me to read?”

“Not  really. It’s going to largely be just the songs. So….You’re six foot four huh?”


A wonderful day at the office. However I did just find this clip of the show, and by the looks of it I’m not really that type of performer. Still, I wish the cast all the best with it.

Tomorrow I have genuinely big and exciting news for you. Genuinely.


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