An Actor's Life

Stupid Boy Pike!

Ok, so this is why I’m late back from Edinburgh: I’m a moron.

There you go, I said it. It’s in print, or at least type. Basically me and my beautiful lady are clearly not too bright. We booked ourselves a lovely weekend in Edinburgh with my sister from Friday morning to Sunday evening, it was absolutely joyful, however we booked our flights from Friday to Monday! Not good. I can only assume we checked the wrong box on the website and then never checked the date box on our boarding cards. Luckily for us my family are lovely and we had another night and day in the ‘Bvrgh and then got collected from the airport.

Today I am a little bit stressed out over an audition I have tomorrow. It’s for a Beach Boys musical, and I’m not exactly a musical theatre actor.I rang the producer as soon as I got the follow-up Email outlining what they wanted in the audition but he told me for the role I’m playing they want more an actor who can sing than a singer who can act so  it might not be a total failure. I hope not. I’m going to be singing in my own range (bass) for the first time and because I’m normally doing tenor (badly) I don’t have a song ready-prepared to sing. I think I’m going to do Leonard Cohen’s Broken Hallelujah which isn’t remotely Beach Boys-esque but hey!

Just finished our second rehearsal for the Bon Bon, it went well. Almost all of the sketches are lacking that elusive something that takes them to the next level but we’re getting there. I particularly like the Lady MaccyB scene I gave you yesterday, Heather’s performance as addled actress has taken it far away from what was on the page to histrionic heights which are very funny. Hopefully.


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