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Dubai day trip?
December 3, 2009, 11:41 am
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Ok, tomorrow me and Hef fly toEdinburgh to see my sister’s new flat. Yeah I know, a sasquatchian carbon footprint, but it pales into insignificance to the news I’ve just heard. I just popped in to the Natural Theatre Company headquarters to pick up a scarf I used as part of my ‘nude’ outfit (see here) and got chatting to one of the other performers down there who was packing up for a gig. It turns out that we’re sending a team to perform at an event in Dubai. Nothing overly shocking about that the NTC is a world famous company that has performed just about everywhere. What was a bit of a stunner is that they only want the team for one day’s performance, so this team will fly out there, sleep, perform, sleep and then fly back!

Many of the team work alongside me down in Roman Bath land, and as one of them commented “It’s a bit sublime to ridiculous isn’t it?” I’m sure the gig will be great fun for all concerned, but I’m equally sure that the whole team will be shattered when they get home. Good luck to them all.


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