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I love watching my blog stats over a weekend. You see I don’t post over the weekend because…well because I’m lazy really. It’s weird though, either my readership which is a fairly steady week days knows my patterns and doesn’t bother checking at weekends, or maybe you’re all busy having a weekend yourself and are at work readers. If it’s the latter “Get back to work, data needs entering!” I’m assuming that work-time blog readers are computer based and in some form of data management.

Going back a bit, on the subject of either do you pronounce it ee-thur or eye-thur? Oh you use either I see. Haha, that joke also works with neither if you fancy a bit of variety.

I saw an advert for Woolworths on the telly, they’re back apparently. But only online, which is a huge disappointment because as far as I can tell you can’t do the pick and mix online which was clearly the best part of Woolies. For the record; ‘tasting’ one or two of the delectable sweeties on offer is still stealing and probably the reason the chain went out of business in the first place.

Writing ‘chain’ about dear old Woolworths felt odd then. I mean a chain is like Starbucks, McDonald’s, or Tesco isn’t it? A lefty-fair-trader-right-on-type like myself shouldn’t feel a sense of warm nostalgia for a national chain retailer should I? Maybe it’s all become relative, we’ve accepted that local shops aren’t viable anymore and so recognise the necessity for large-chain brands, but we’d prefer our large chains to be slightly idiosyncratic in nature, a ‘not-quite-sure-what-it-is’ style shop. Basically we want our multi-nationals to all work to the same business model as Woolworths and therefore go bust allowing small local shops to rise again. Ah hah!

Work-wise, good news. Just secured enough December work to keep a Turkey on Tiny Tim’s table. Sadly, it’s all rather 212AD based, but hey I likes my mince pies so I gotta put my face to the grindstone (it’s actually an ulitic Lime but I’m sure you understand). I have a picture to share with you, do you remember my New York cop gig a while ago? Well here’s a shot of me looking a little too much like the cut-price stripper that drunken woman mistook me for.

"Young Man....." Fearg as NYC cop for Natural Theatre Company



No. I don’t have any idea why I’m pouting either/either. I think I must have thought it makes me look tough. It doesn’t. It makes me look constipated.


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