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November 24, 2009, 12:20 pm
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I’m a little alliterative addict, I can’t seem to stop spouting similar starting sounds. It’s  a bit of a bore because before this the thoughts I thought were thoroughly thought through whereas now nothing need notify the slightest semblance of sense as long as its potentially partially prickly to pronounce.

Sorry, about that just a little exercise for me there. Today I’m back down the Baths and whilst I’m sure you all love my Roman anecdotes I have a feeling there’ll be plenty more days where I have nothing else to blog about. So today I’m going to crack open the New Old Friends vault. New Old Friends is the theatre company I run with Josh Golga (follow his tweets), last year we wrote and performed our debut show Mate. It went down well and led to a run in London, which in turn led to the offer of further runs. However, due to the logistical pressures that staging your own work puts you under we declined, returned to Bath for a triumphant finale and left Mate as a pleasant memory.

Josh is now primarily focused on his film work although plans are afoot for something to reunite us creatively. The company keeps moving forward down here in Bath with a regular sketch slot at a cabaret night. I’m currently writing for the December gig, and whilst doing so looking back over past material I realised there is some seriously good stuff in Mate. I thought I’d share one of the edgier skits with you.

Josh – Who would be the weirdest person to have sex with?
Me – Um… Your mum?
J – More unthinkably wrong than weird. No weird would be like Jesus.
M He’d be awesome in bed! Think about it he’s the son of God.
J Yeah, and it’d be doubly weird for him because if you got really in to it, and let’s face it you would, you’d start shouting out his dad’s name!
M That’s good. Really good. Hang on… I think I’ve got a winner. The bloke who does the voice-overs at the cinema.
J Why’s that weird?
M Well for a start he’s a disembodied voice. Plus think about it; he’d be doing his thing, then -“Coming soon…ME.”
J – Yeah, that’d be pretty funny. 

There is more after that, but some of the gags rely on prior plot developments and is potentially more offensive than that already written.


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