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Will Smith by default
November 20, 2009, 11:26 am
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So I have been getting some heat from some people about not representing Will Smith enough in this blog. I say some people, I mean one. I say heat, he mentioned it in passing. It was Josh, the other half of New Old Friends the theatre company I run. We are both big fans of the Big Will. For those of though that don’t know Will Smith, firstly WHY? Secondly, get yourself some Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, Willenium or Big Willy Style, or maybe Independance Day, Bad Boys, Men in Black it’s all good. The first section is Mr Smith rapping his way into your heart, with his polysyllabic rhymes, that are clean “All you rappers talking about who you put in a hearse, do me a favour write just one first without a curse” The second lot are some of the silliest, most outlandish, flat our ridiculously enjoyable movies out there.

Quite how he became some a bastion of cool is a mystery to me. Lets review the facts; born an averagely attractive young guy with sticky out ears in Philadelphia he goes on to become the most profitable star in the Hollywood firmament. He started off rapping on the corner with his buddy Jeff. JEFF? Jeff is not a cool name, and speaking of cool names did you know our hero’s moniker is originally Willard? Come on. If you can over come Willard and those ears just by rapping on a corner, excuse me I’m off to rhyme my arse off at the A4 / A39 T-junction.

Sadly, I can’t rhyme and stay in time. I draw the line at using crime to make this life of mine seem fine. Still I shouldn’t whine, I have still got my mime. There we go, I think you can see why I’m not off to battle Jay-Z just yet. I shall in fact keeping plugging my comedy wares around the circuit, by circuit I mean mainly anyone who will employ me. Ross and Rachel just kissed for the first time – apologies for the Friends interruption, but it is a rather cute moment. This blog is messy. I shouldn’t blog whilst watching DVDs and talking to my beautiful lady. I will try to salvage it with more photos from my vault of comedy characters.

Fearg as Natural Theatre Company's Literary Gardners

Fearg on the left as the Natural Theatre Company's Literary Gardners which he helped devise.


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