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Presidential Qualifictaion?
November 18, 2009, 9:28 am
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Love this blog! It’s nonsense. I love the idea that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President. As if there is an exam you could sit. It’d be great. “I’m taking English, Maths, Media Studies and How to be President.” Also, what does it matter? She’s not announced she’s running yet, Obama still has three years and is doing a fairly good job. He’s obviously got the whole spin thing down he won a Nobel peace prize whilst being Commander in Cheif of an army involved in TWO WARS! Excellent work.

If Palin does decide to run, let her. It will be a god send to all the ‘political’ comedians in America that sprung up to kick the wounded puppy of Bush’s intellect. Everyone is still a bit scared to go for Obama for fear of being racist (See my earlier blog) that and the fact that he appears to be a stand-up guy who is intelligent, makes considered decisions, writes and speaks excellently, is compassionate, and many other superlative adjectives. The guy can govern, now let him.

Oddly transatlantic political opening to this blog. This blog which I actually wrote yesterday because today I am working. If you were to pop into the Roman Baths, Bath, UK today there is a high chance you’ll see me in either recorded or, bestill your beating heart, live form. Recorded is almost a given as I filmed some ambient stuff for them last year which they have on a loop, and live would depend on you being there at the right time as I reprise my comedy roman act. I play a stone-mason with thick west country brogue and a Roman legionary straight out of Sandhurst. I’m either wonderfully stupid, or hilariously arrogant. The same goes for when I’m acting, ba dum bum cha!

Thanks to all my wonderful readers by the way. Readership has increased 400% over the last two blogs. Maybe leave a comment with your names then I’ll thank you all personally. Be sure to check back tomorrow I’ve got a truly golden joke to share.


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