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The meaning of life.
November 16, 2009, 3:46 pm
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Hey hey,

So, there is officially no-one out there reading this. Or at least no-one has read my first post as yet. Including me, proof reading is at best, obsessive at worst ,vanity. Still I will continue with my babblings on what it is to be an actor. But first I will follow through on last posts promise of solving the meaning of life, it’s in the dictionary between lieutenant and lift and means; the relatively short and painful bit between birth and death.

Well there we go. A lot of people spend a lot of time worrying about getting their work/life balance in order. My immediate worry for these people isn’t so much the balance as the fact that they appear to either hate their jobs so much they consider them outside of life or, far more worryingly, are the professional undead. My work/life balance is on an even keel with both being comfortably within the realms of mediocre; I’m not wildly successful, but no pauper, I don’t sky dive whilst coked up to my eyeballs, neither do I so jigsaws in a cardigan made of cats.

I was working all day Friday so sorry for no posting, not that anyone was left in suspense as nobody read it, still though sorry. The job on Friday was a bit of a giggle, up to our nation’s fair capital to provide comedy cops for a New York themed christmas party. It was at the very lovely Somerset House complete with ice rink, I’m hoping for some photos to be Emailed my way and rest assured if I get them you’ll be the first to digitally ignore them. The evening basically consisted of shouting “Hey you! What’s in the bag? Come on lady on the side walk, the SIDE WALK! Get out of here! etc” All in cod New Yoika. There was one memorable incident when a rather drunk woman thought I was a stripper and tried to take off my shirt only for her child to ask “Mummy what are you doing to that nice policeman?” Which sobered her up a bit.

That is all, good day.


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